Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miss Seidye Arrives

We are very happy to report that Miss Seidye has completed her journey from Ohio to Florida and is resting comfortably after a very tiring day full of delay after delay in the wake of the FAA fiasco yesterday. We were unlucky enough to get caught up in it and instead of being able to enjoy the day with Seidye's breeder, they had to drive to the airport to bring her to me after I was stranded in Atlanta for 6 hours. We had enough time for a quick visit and then we were back inside, going through Security and getting ready to wait again. Flight delayed. Flight delayed again. And again. Eventually we made it back to Florida early this am and we are catching up on our sleep. Many MANY thanks to Gracey Burger of Couture Chinese Cresteds as well as Deb Lacy of Debonair Yorkshire Terriers and Chinese Cresteds. More to come...


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