Saturday, August 23, 2008

We are very proud to announce the latest member of the Monkeypups family, Couture's Our Elaborate Plans (Royal Flush N'Co X Stardust From N'CO), call name Seidye (pronounced "Say-dee"). After searching for over a year for just the right puff gal with which to step back into the ring, we found Seidye. Infinite thanks to her breeders, Deb Lacy (Debonair Yorkshire Terriers and Chinese Cresteds) and Gracey Burger (Couture Chinese Cresteds), for entrusting me with this lovely girl.

Many thanks to everyone who assisted me in my search and provided me with information, advice and leads while on the lookout for the perfect puff for me. Special thanks to Chelsey Combs (Klearly Chinese Cresteds), who was of invaluable help to me and answered all my many questions, taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer email after email, assuring and reassuring me despite my concerns about getting back into Conformation after a 13-year absence. Chelsey's good people!

Seidye will be coming home in a few days, and will begin her show career in the fall.


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