Monday, October 15, 2007

Entry #1

Awesome! We have our own blog! Arf!

Mommy made us our own MySpace pages and now we have our own blog, too! How cool is that?

We go so many places and do so many things, we like to document as much of it as possible for our friends and family. We like to go to Miami, too. South Beach is very dog-friendly. This past summer we went to the mountains and had a great time hiking and hanging out at the cabin. You can check out our MySpace pages for those pictures. It was a lot of fun! We are going to California in a few weeks. Mommy says there is a LOT of cool stuff to see out there! Can't wait! We'll be sure to have Mommy post lots of pictures of our California adventure.

In the meantime, we just moved into a new house. It's nice here. It is always breezy outside and Mommy says that's because the ocean is nearby. We've been around the neighborhood on our walkies and it smells different from our old neighborhood. Everyone has been really nice to us.

Time for a beauty nap now! I'll post more later! Arf! Arf!



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