Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Blustery Day

Today it was soooo nice out. It was warm but not super hot like it normally is, and there was a wonderful breeze. Mommy says it is going to get cooler and we need some jammies.

We had to get our ears taped again today 'cuz Mommy says they aren't supposed to be floppy. I don't like the ear tape. Mommy taped my ears a different way this time and it doesn't bug me AS much, but I still don't like it. I managed to help Veda get hers almost torn off, but Mommy just re-did it. She says one day we won't have to wear ear tape anymore, because our ears will stand tall and pretty. I can't wait!
We also went on a long walk today. This new neighborhood is full of all kinds of new smells. There are lots of dogs and some kitties, too. Mommy said she met two rottweilers that live in our neighborhood and that they were very nice, and that there was also a french bulldog that chased she and my big brother Wolfie down the street when they were out running the other day. She said he was barking and barking and ran right out into the road. That dog doesn't sound very nice. If he isn't careful, he might get hit by a car! I hope he doesn't run out at me barking!


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