Monday, June 30, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover Nomination

More news on Tessie's family! We received this news from her today via the Chinese Crested Crush forum:

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Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:18 am Post subject: Checking In
I just wanted to check in with everyone and first of all THANK YOU!!! Thank you all so much. Nothing has changed here. My house placard is still red, meaning we cannot enter our house. The basement still can't be shored up because there are no permits allowed. We still don't know if the city is going to let us fix our house or if they are going to tear it down. Just knowing that you guys are here has helped me more than I can explain. Right now I feel very alone in all of this. No one in this city seems interested in helping us or giving us answers that we so desperately need and want. The focus is on the 100 year flood plain and those of us in the 500 year flood plain are just left hanging. I have limited internet access so it isn't that I don't appreciate what you are all doing, I am just not able to log on for very long. It is incredible to me that you are all here and all supporting us.

In addition to the benefit raffle (mentioned in an earlier post), there has been an effort to bring Tessie's Family to the attention of ABC's Extreme Home Makeover. We urge everyone to please join us in this effort to bring The Webster Family to the attention of Ty Pennington and his amazing crew. To nominate this family for the show, please visit

Up until July 4th, the form letter at the head of this article is available to those who request it. So far we have over 50 nomination letters from all over the world, from people who have only "met" virtually to share a love for the Chinese Crested Dog and along the way developed lasting friendships. Crush is a family, and as Crush members, we at The Pony Dog Blog are trying to lift up one of our own. Won't you help us?


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