Thursday, May 1, 2008

School Time!

This week has been very eventful for the Monkeypups. Phinn & Veda began formal obedience work. Yay! Though Mom taught obedience classes for many years and P & V have been very well socialized, there is no substitute for being in a formal class environment. So beginning this week, it got serious!

Phinn is going through a bit of a fear period right now and reacted with a bit of nervousness at the onset of class, but by the end of the hour was very relaxed. He has very nice attention and is very eager to please.

Veda is a bit of a hurricane, so I honestly expected her to mouth off to at least one or two dogs, but she was very bouncy and happy yet focused. Ah, liver is a magical thing. She took a particular liking to the poodle seated next to us. She did very well, and her main thing right now is wiggly butt and her Sit not being straight. I'd rather have super happy than super slow-mo any day of the week, so we'll work with it. ;-)


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