Monday, December 10, 2007

Our First Christmas Tree

Here we are with our first Christmas tree. The people seem to think it's a big deal and won't let us pick at it. We also got a gift box in the mail from our Secret Santa in Mexico and Mom let us open it already. We got some fun stuff! Mom says she has to put up our stockings (what is a stocking?) so we can get goodies from Santa. We keep hearing a lot about this Santa person. Supposedly he'll come into the house while everyone's sleeping and leave presents. He'll have to be pretty good to get past us!

Our foster sister Bianca also got adopted and went to her new family! We will miss her but she lives close by and we can see her a lot. We have a new foster brother now. His name is Einstein and he is hairless like us! He was found wandering the streets and no one claimed him so he is living with us until he gets all fixed up and can go to a new home. He has some skin problems and Mom is working on fixing that. He is a nice dog, though, and doesn't mess with our stuff that much.


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